About Us

SolentK9 is run by Jo Preston, who aims to provide a personal service that will keep your pets happy, satisfied and secure in your home. 

Jo is the proud owner of four dogs. An nine year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever called Ankti,  a Border Collie called Cody who is six years old, Frankie a six year old Jack Russell and the new addition to the family Ashe a Labrador cross Border collie aged 22 months she is a rescue from Ireland.

Ankti is currently training and competing in Heelwork To Music, Dressage is her favourite discipline.  Ankti has passed the Kennel Club, Gold, Silver and Bronze Good Citizen Awards. She loves playing with her Football in the park.

Cody is training  and competing in Heelwork to Music, Freestyle is her best discipline, she is now at Advanced level and has competed in several Crufts qualifying classes.  Cody also trains in a new game called Hoopers, which she loves.  She also likes playing ball in the park and exploring the woods.

Frankie is training and competing in Heelwork to Music, and he is very good at Tracking, he loves to play with other small dogs in the park.

Ashe has settled in to her new home, she is learning life skills and socialisation. Ashe attends Obedience classes and  Foundation agility.  She is gaining confidence and learning about her new environment.  Ashe is also learning the basic moves for HTM.

All four dogs are part of her family and Jo strives to give them the love, care, training and attention they deserve. 

Jo has 15 years experience caring for & training dogs and is a qualified Clicker Trainer, with CAP 1 & 2 certificates (Competency Assessment Programme).  Jo uses positive training methods, focusing on positive reinforcement and rewards.

Jo appeared at Crufts 2011 and 2012, with two of her dogs, breed showing and Heelwork to Music demonstrations.   Jo has competed with her dogs in Heelwork to Music, Agility and Obedience, and is a Heelwork to Music judge and trainer.

In addition she has 40 years experience owning and training horses to Eventing competition level.